Testimonials from partners

We highly recommend Partner Care. If you have any questions with regards to our experience of working together with Partner Care we invite you to contact us by telephone via telephone number 016 7544 587, Johan Zantboer, Procurement & Back Office manager, Databyte. www.databyte.nl [The Netherlands]

We are very grateful for the support that Partner Care has provided us with. Microsoft is a veritable maze as a company, and as an organisation we are glad that thanks to you we are not wasting precious time, because at every turn you are able to guide us on our way. Thank you for this! Dennis Molenkamp, Service manager. www.informatique.nl [The Netherlands]

Partner Care is the go-to party to guide CSPs along the way in the jungle of Microsoft portals and services. Particularly when a company qualifies as a Silver or Gold partner, getting professional support by Partner Care is essential. With their maintenance plan or (even better) an hour package, the account is set up swiftly and rebates are installed. Partner Care expenses are usually earned back in a month. As an entrepreneur the question is not if, but when you hire Partner Care. Good customer service and excellent knowledge! www.quibus.nl [The Netherlands]

Partner Care really took us by the hand to help us fully understand the Microsoft Partner Programme. As a partner, finding your way without any help is almost impossible. Partner Care helped us to get our affairs in order. An added benefit is the financial rewards we have been receiving from Microsoft. www.jse.nl [The Netherlands]

We were already selling Microsoft products, but what a puzzle it was to get through the jungle of rules and websites to put in a claim with MS. So, we stopped doing this, until Also introduced us to Partner Care. They set everything up for us afresh, well-organised and clear; they cleaned up accounts etc. We are now able to concentrate on our core business, with Partner Care as our internal MS specialist. www.hardware-expert.nl [The Netherlands]

I have been working together with Partner Care for a few months now. It felt familiar from the start and with every meeting this positive feeling was reinforced. It is one thing to know your business, but it is exceptional to really understand your clients’ needs and to complement existing knowledge. Furthermore, Partner Care has a strong network and a healthy dose of creativity to achieve the best results for 2source4. Previously, the portals cost me a lot of time but, thankfully, they don’t anymore.  Partner Care is our navigator in those horrible portals and they truly know their way around them!  All things considered, it is rare for a company name to be as apt as Partner Care! A complete and strong offer of services, combined with a pleasant collaboration: we are big fans! www.2source4.com [The Netherlands]